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Rebirth of Honor
  Rebirth of Honor
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Rebirth of Honor is a 3rd party campaign expansion for the award winning IL-2 Sturmovik "Forgotten Battles". It allows players to battle for supremacy in the historically accurate years of 1941 and early 1942 and an alternate-reality 1942 and beyond. The missions that take place prior to the middle of 1942 are created around real world events, locations and weather conditions. The missions flown in late 1942, after Hitler's death, take place where the future of Germany, its strategy for fighting the war and its economic situation are all in flux. Will the elimination of Hitler help Germany avoid all his major mistakes and win the war, or will the conclusion of Rebirth of Honor be something completely unexpected?

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Publisher: Tri Synergy
Developer: IncaGold
Genre: Simulation
Release: North America 2005-03-01
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Ranked #0 out of 4,794 games
#0. Rebirth of Honor (pc)
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